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The Nebula-class was a type of Federation starship that was in service in the Alliance. It should not be confused with the Star Destroyer of the same name. The Nebula-class shared a similar design lineage with its larger Galaxy-class counterpart, notably its primary and secondary hulls and nacelles. The Nebula-class was composed of two hull sections; the saucer-shaped primary hull mounted atop the secondary hull, with two warp nacelles mounted on either side of the secondary hull, directly below the primary hull.

Specifications[edit | edit source]

The Nebula-class is well-known for being a testbed of modular components, with the vessel's upper outboard structures varying from vessel to vessel. Several configurations—including a tactical pod, sensor pod, cargo pod and probe pod—had been fielded by the 1500s N.E. During the War on the Beta Quadrant, of course, the most common variant was the tactical configuration.

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