Klingon Negh'Var STO

The Negh'Var warship was the largest class of starship known to operate in the Klingon Empire during the late 24th century.

The Negh'Var warship was one of the largest and most formidable ships in the Empire.

FeaturesEdit Edit

The Negh'Var-class was a powerful new form of warship developed by the Klingon Empire in secret, with very few even among the Klingon High Council knowing of the project's existence. It was a significant departure from "traditional" Klingon designs which favored swift, agile vessels, instead offering heavy firepower and pure brute strength.

Physical arrangement Edit

The outboard plan of the Negh'Var warship design incorporated the same basic shape and classic lineage dating back over two hundred years; indeed, sharing a strong resemblance to the era's Vor'cha-class attack cruiser. The bridge module was separated from the main body by a thick neck that flared towards the aft of the ship into the forward-swept wings, which were reinforced by raised supports and contained the ship's embedded warp nacelles. Contained within these wings were the ship's impulse engines. Below the primary hull were two weapons pods. A triangular superstructure was located on the dorsal section of the ship. The ship was also outfitted with several spikes, located on the aft of the triangular superstructure and warp nacelles.

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