The Planet of Neimoidia, Homeworld to the Neimoidians

Neimoidia, called Pure Neimoidia by the Neimoidians , and Tui'Likknna by both the Second Human Empire and the Jedi-Sith Empire , it was a colony that was populated by the Duros , but over time, these people became Neimoidians


this planet serived as a factory planet or reasource planet for the First Human Empire and the Jedi-Sith Empire in all eight universe that contains this same planet as well

Duros ColonizationEdit

Around 25,000 BBY, the Duros Chal Haan led a group of Duros explorers to colonize the planet Neimoidia. Neimoidia joined the Galactic Republic early in its history, sometime between 25,000 BBY and 22,000 BBY. By 15,000 BBY, the inhabitants had evolved to the point when they could be considered a separate species from their Duros ancestors. The genetic differences from the Duros that the Neimoidians developed were attributed the features of the planet, including its heavier gravity, dimmer sun, humidity, and perpetual fog and mist.Neimoidia was ruled by a Trade Monarch, reflecting the Neimoidian's obsession with trade, commerce, and money. That was also present in the Neimoidian Inner Circle, the government/legislature of the planet. The Neimoidians established purse worlds on nearby Cato Neimoidia, Deko Neimoidia, and Koru Neimoidia. Neimoidia was populated by the less capable and aggressive members of the species, all others moving off-world as soon as possible. Many low-level worker drones were kept malnourished so as to never reach full mental maturity. Combined with the planet's natural unpleasantness, it was usual for Neimoidians to choose not to return home unless absolutely necessary. By 4,800 BBY, the Neimoidians locked up the distribution rights of newly-discovered ryll spice from Ryloth. Their irresponsible distribution of this drug led to the Gank Massacres, including the extinction of the Porporites.

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