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an typical Neimoidian

Neimoidians (Second Human Empire name unknown) are a species of humanoids that are distant genetic relatives of Duros. They were native to the planet of Neimoidia and also live on colony worlds in the same sector like Cato Neimoidia , Deko Neimoidia , and Koru Neimoidia . They have a reputation for greed and cowardice (not all were like this, only few though were different like the Colma family especially their Twins, Dr. Volo Colma and his twin sister General Colo Colma who were both known as the Neimoidian Sociopaths) . Neimoidians placed tremendous value on wealth and material possesions, and would go to great lengths to gain money and power. However, they were very easily intimidated, and hated combat. They were famous for running the Trade Federation , a massive corporate entity. Famous Neimoidians includedNute Gunray and Rune Haako , high ranking members of the Trade Federation who later joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems , a separatist movement which waged war on the Galactic Republic .


Neimoidians were a humanoid species with smooth, mottled green-gray skin and large, red-orange eyes with a pupil that split it horizontally. Some Neimoidians had a beige skinand the color could evolve over the years. For example, Nute Gunrayhad a gray skin at the beginning of the Clone Wars before turning green at the end of the conflict. Adult individuals were known to be tall, ranging from 1.9 to 2.11 meters. Neimoidians had long, bony hands with five pointed fingers, one of which was an opposable thumb. Although many Neimoidians were lean, obese individuals were not unheard of. Since the Neimoidians were distant genetic relatives of the Duros, they retained many similarities to them, including basic form, noseless faces, and green-blue ski because the two species were genetically linked. In fact, the Neimoidian homeworld of Neimoidia was discovered and colonized by Duros. Over the millennia, the Duros of Neimoidia evolved because of the more humid atmosphere and heavier gravity of their planet.


Culture and Society

Neimodians in the Multiverse

Exist in several universes, Neimodians were known to be highly educated, they were made effective merchants in their native regions. Many other species despised them for their selfishness. Indeed, stereotyping against Neimoidians was rampant throughout the Skyriver galaxies in the known universes, particularly among worlds contained within the Galactic Republics and Empires, most of all for playing a large role in the centuries long conflict known as the Clone Wars that occurred in the Filo Universe. Beliefs that the people were solely motivated by greed and cowardice were so invasive that many Neimoidians felt they were treated as second-class citizens. Propaganda played a negative role in promoting Neimoidian culture, often downplaying their contributions to art and music. Other examples played into prejudices against the people, a HoloNet News piece that was accused by many as perpetuating the "fat Neimoidian" stereotype.

However, over time during the conflicts, many Neimodians began to embrace their Duros heritage to grow out of the steroptyical customs of genetic cousins and slowly come to be more friendlier with them.

Noteworthy Neimodians

Nute Gunray