Neroon was a member of the Minbari Warrior Caste from the Star Riders clan, a representative of the Council of Caste Elders[1] and later a member of the Grey Council. He was part of the Geonosis Conflict.

History Edit

During the First War, Neroon fought against the Axis and claims to have killed 50,000 during its course. He was the second in command under Shai Alyt Bramner, another member of the Star Riders. He was taught the Denn'bok, or Minbari fighting pike, by Durhan himself, one of the greatest generals and leaders of the Minbari his time.

In 2012 N.E, Shai Alyt Bramner died, and his passing was considered a great loss to the Minbari. Neroon was charged with parading Bramner's body through various sectors in a solemn vigil. One stop on the journey was Babylon 5. Here the body went missing, enraging Neroon and upsetting all the Minbari with on the station. Neroon insisted on helping Sir Galahad with the investigation, which including confronting a pak'ma'ra, well known as carrion eaters capable of consuming dead sentients.

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