The New Earth Republic, also known as the NER and New Earth, is the official government of Fialer Earth that was established shortly after the planet was liberated from the Combine Occupation. In many ways, it shares a sortof mixture of the United States, European Commonwealth and the United Nations of old, similar to both the European Commonwealth and the United Nations in which their still independent of each other and have their own forms of government, however, that's when it becomes similar to the United States in the sense that the Federal Government of the New Republic still have total control in regards to offworld military force, diplomacy, colonization and planet spanning laws. The New Earth Republic was also important in rebuilding Fialer Earth and the creation of it's vast interplanetary Federation in the years after it's creation.

Although it's called the New Earth Republic, it's capital is not on Fialer Earth, instead, it's located by Fialer Mars, making many wonder why it shouldn't be called something else instead.

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although it's divided into two types, overall, the New Earth Republic acts as a Federal Republic with it's various planetary states (on Earth, various states) having some forms of self-governance, but, still answers to the federal government.

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On it's homeworld, the New Earth Republic operates more of a mixture of a Confederation and a Alliance of different nations, in the sense that each of Earth's various nationstates are still independent of each other and have their own forms of governments, leadership and military, but, overall, they still apart of the New Earth Republic, and follows it's laws, uses it's currency and let it have total control over every off-world operations.

Autonomous States of Earth New Earth Republic

Autonomous States of Fialer Earth

List of Nationstates on Fialer Earth Edit

  1. The New California Republic
  2. The Brotherhood of Steel
  3. The Washington Confederacy
  4. The Khan Empire
  5. The Cascadian Commonwealth
  6. The Swiss Confederation
  7. The Grand Russian Republic
  8. The Chinese Alliance

Off Fialer Earth Edit

Off-Homeworld, the government of the NER was much different. modeling itself largely off of the Old United States both pre-war and pre-creation of the thirteen commonwealths, each planet (or providence) has the same sort of autonomy as the the former U.S. states but all follows the laws of the Federal Government. the Government itself being called a Federal Constitutional Presidential Republic, with it being divided into three branches of government, Assembly (divided into three houses, the Senate, the House of Providences and the Council of Nations), the Supreme Court and the Office of the Presidency, all of which has various powers given to it by the New Earth Constitution.

List of Presidents of the New Earth Republic Edit

Following the creation of the New Earth Republic, the Office of the Presidency was created to lead the new Federation via popular vote Republic wide. In the New Earth Constitution, the President is allow two-five year terms in office. the following list is for all the presidents from it's creation in 1565 to 3642, after it has been annexed by the Multiversial Federation

# Name Years in office (terms) Political Party Species Gender
1 1565 to 1575 (two terms) None
2 1575 to 1585 (two terms)
3 1585 to 1595 (two terms)
4 1595 to 1605 (two terms)
5 1605 to 1615 (two terms)
6 1615 to 1625
7 1625 to 1635
8 1635 to 1645
9 1645 to 1650
10 1650 to 1655
11 1655 to 1665
12 1665 to 1675
13 1675 to 1685
14 1685 to 1695
15 1695 to 1705
16 1705 to 1715
17 1715 to 1725
18 1725 to 1735

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