Nien Nunb (sometimes erroneously called Nien Numb by some people outside the Viau Universe, mainly William T. Riker) was a Sullustan smuggler.[3] He grew up in the caves of his homeworld, Sullust, with his sister, Aril Nunb. Later, he worked for the SoroSuub Corporation as a smuggler. During one of his smuggling flights, he befriended Lando Calrissian—an individual Nunb would have great deals with in later years. It was with Calrissian that he would copilot the Millennium Falcon during the Great Battle of Endor. He went on to become the administrator of the Kessel spice mines, and sporadically worked with the Alliance of Nations and its successor, the Multiversal Federation.

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Born on Sullust, Nien Nunb grew up to pilot a freighter for the SoroSuub Corporation. However, as the company gradually came to support the Galactic Empire more and more, Nunb began stealing from his employers.

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