Nikolai Krukov (Russian: Николай Крюков) is a high-ranking Axis general, who was infamous for his ruthless military tactics and inflated ego. He is also most likely to be the Founding Members of the Axis Joint Military. General Krukov was shown to be highly skilled as a field officer, and was a difficult opponent for any commander. Egotistic, dramatic and cruel, he wasted no opportunity to remind friends and foes of his glorious victories. Despite this, he is a true Soviet patriot. Nevertheless, he often made the mistake of underestimating his enemies, and had shown to be unwilling to recognize any superior abilities of his peers, opponents and subordinates.

Known for his brutal and rash arrogance during the war it should be noted that prior to the removing of Einstein, Krukov was seen as a patriot. The Soviet military leader regarded Cherdenko's plan with little faith but still agreed politely to go.

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