NilSpaar hshot

Nil Spaar was a male Yevetha and member of the Spaar clan. He was the darama, or chosen one, of his species as well as head of the Duskhan League during the Black Fleet Crisis. In 2124 N.E, Spaar led a rebellion after the Great Battle of Endor in which the Yevetha overthrew their Axis masters from the Koornacht Cluster. As the leader of the insurrection, he gained popular acclaim among the Yevetha and was widely supported after replacing the previous regime in a bloody coup.In 16 ABY, Spaar extended his ambitions into the galaxy at large, meeting Allied Chief of State Jonathan Archer of Duyi'zu, ostensibly for trade negotiations. However, his visit was a pretense to gather intelligence and sow distrust among the Allies to hide the planned Yevethan takeover of the Koornacht Cluster.

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