the Empire of the Combine Race uses a nobility system that's both simple and complexes. With anyone can be given a title, but, they must marry into the Imperial Family for the title of Emperor/Empress, Archduke/Archduchesses, Prince/Princess and Dukes/Duchesses

Title held by the Imperial Family Edit

  • Emperor/Empress (Highest)
  • Prince/Princess
  • Archduke/Archduchess
  • Duke/Duchess (Lowest)

Title held by the Civilian Population (giving to by the Imperial Family) Edit

  • Count/Countess (Highest)
  • Viscount/Viscountess
  • Baron/Baroness
  • Viceroy/Vicereine
  • High Lord/Lady
  • Lord/Lady
  • Patrician/Matrician (Lowest)
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