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November Annabella "Nova" Terra, a.k.a. Agent X41822N[3] is a female ghost, working for the Alliance Joint Military and later the OSA. Nova has a good sense of balance. She underwent physical training at the Ghost Academy. She found it very difficult at first, not being accustomed to exercise, but eventually excelled at martial arts, the use of weapons, and driving a Pitbull. She was given permission to learn some skills earlier than usual, and undertook the four-year program in only two-and-a-half years; a record. Nova is a skilled hacker; she can take control of a Guard Robot in only a few minutes. Her Axis counterpart was Maya "Echo" Visari and Quiet

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Nova often instills lust and fear in males around her, her physical appearence driving the former emotion, and her telepathy instilling the latter one.

At fifteen years of age, she was considered to be tall.

Even through her ghost training (before the memory wipe) Nova's personality generally remained the same throughout her late teen years. She possessed a degree of empathy that was generally lacking in the Old Families (a trait that did not go unnoticed) and believed in the concept of fair play, or at least had an aversion to "cheating" (eg. considered attaching gliders to her shoes at her birthday to walk elegantly to be "cheating").

Although willing to deal death to those she believed to deserve it (e.g. Jim Raynor and B.J. Blazkowicz), she wanted to avoid harming those who fell outside this definition (she did not want to harm Raynor's associates and regretted having to dispatch the rest of BJ's group).[4]

As of becoming a full fledged ghost, after undergoing a memory wipe, Nova's personality has, perhaps not that surprisingly, changed radically. From her interactions in the New Sydney incident, elements of snideness and arrogance can be seen. As per the aims of the Ghost Program, virtually no traces of her previous moral code remain.[4] Additionally, although she underwent a memory wipe, Nova remains psychologically scarred by the murder of her family and has trouble connecting to people as a result.[36] Not that she particularly desired to, however—for the most part, she was content to be regarded as a merciless killer and remain isolated from her fellow men, not wanting to forge attatchments that could be broken. Kelerchian noted in their Altaran reunion however that she'd become more open from when he'd last seen her.[3] Nova has, or at least had, a liking for framberries.[4]

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