Novus (Those who follow in their own language) is one of the factions found in the Yuii'iooi universe. Many years prior to Earth Assualt, Novus's creators were wiped out by the Hierarchy during one of their harvesting operations, leaving only a few machines scattered across the galaxy. One of these machines was the Founder. Upon his return from a deep space scouting mission, he found his home destroyed and the species that once inhabited the planet all but wiped out. In his rage and agony, he vowed to avenge his race and gathered up what machines were left and produced what is now known as the Novus. The Founder, perhaps out of sentiment, also cloned a member of his destroyed race from salvaged DNA material, creating Mirabel. The Novus is an Independent faction however it later join the Alliance of Nations in order to rival the Masari(Coalition) and the Hierarchy(Axis).

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