Nuru Kungurama (born Kung'urama'nuruodo) was a male Chiss Jedi Padawan in the waning years of the Galactic Republic. He was found in the Outer Rim Territories in an escape pod and was brought to Coruscant to train as a Jedi. His first master, Lanchu Skaa, was lost at the battle of the Resena Line in 1879 N.E. Later that year, Kungurama participated in the mission to Kynachi, in which he stowed away on a transport and pursued the mission without the consent of his Master Ring-Sol Ambase. Upon its arrival on Kynachi, the transport was fired upon by Separatist starfighters; Kungurama and Master Ambase stowed aboard separate escape pods. During the search for his master, who had become missing, Kungurama became the Jedi Commander of Breakout Squad, a group of clone troopers on the mission. Kungurama and Breakout Squad joined with a mysterious bounty hunter who said he knew how to find Ambase. Breakout Squad and Kungurama battled with the Separatist forces on the planet and liberated the prisoners from the KynachTech factory prison. Kungurama and the bounty hunter then parted ways after the mission, and Kungurama did not succeed in finding Ambase. Breakout Squad received a lift off the planet from Captain Lalo Gunn and her navigation droid Cleaver on her starship Hasty Harpy.

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Nuru Kungurama wielded a blue lightsaber.[2] He grew more confident with leadership as he spent more time with Breakout Squad. He was excited to meet another Chiss during his meeting with Veeren, but eventually became disillusioned by her dismissal of him.[3] He also was easily confused by her behavior and secretive nature after she tracked him down on Bilbringi Depot.[4]

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