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Nute Gunray was a Neimoidian male who served as a stint Minister of the Trade Federation until he rose in power when the First War occured, eventually becoming Viceroy of the Trade Federation. In 1362 N.E, Gunray participated in the occupation of Naboo with the Federation Army to settle a trade dispute that began in the Galactic Senate. With the help of Darth Sidious, Gunray invaded the planet to end the trade dispute and secured all facilities in the capital of Theed. He attempted to force the incumbent Queen of Naboo Padmé Amidala to sign a treaty to make his invasion legal, however she refused and the Siege of Naboo continued. The Trade Federation soon surrendered to Naboo forces following the Battle of Naboo. Gunray was taken to the Galactic Republic capital on Coruscant to be charged with acts of war. He was killed around 2389 N.E by angry Pro-Confederates who broke into his home and brutally murdered him for his part in the reunification of the Confederacy of Independent Systems with the Galactic Republic 20 years before his death.

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Gunray was pessimistic, intolerant, highly concerned for his own welfare, and often trying to shift blame onto others. He was openly fearful of Sidious and the Sith in general. Despite this, he almost always played into their hands. He had no qualms about exploiting innocent people for the love of money—rather, he encouraged it. He grew increasingly impatient over the years, often sacrificing tact for speed. His personality grated against General Grievous, who, unlike Gunray, was a vicious, strategically-minded brave general with a sense of authority. Gunray, in turn, despised Grievous, and believed the General to be unstable and arrogant.[7 Gunray was skilled in the political arena, often discouraging an opponent with a series of baseless, condescending assurances. These skills carried over to his role as Federation Viceroy, where he was constantly in the position of having to pacify an employee, client or opponent. Gunray was also a highly successful businessman, his talents in this field catching the attention of Darth Sidious.[8]

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