The Obelisk Carrier is a engineering-centric carrier with very high hull strength and an abundant amount of seating for engineering bridge officers and engineering consoles. Among the largest starships in the timeline, this hulking carrier comes equipped with Obelisk Swarmer hangar pets in its two hangar bays. This strange and powerful ship is from an ancient culture that has had imited contact with the Alpha Quadrant. Although the ship is not Elachi in design, it shares enough similarities with their technology to have a common origin. This ship can launch attack wings of Obelisk Swarmers in its standard configuration, though other craft can be equipped to be launched. The carrier can also give commands to those craft to order them to attack or defend selected targets. Advanced and Elite versions of these fighters, which can be equipped on any ship with a hangar bay, can be purchased by advancing the Spire Fleet Holding.

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