Obi-Wan Kenobi, later known as Ben Kenobi during the Unity era, was a legendary Jedi Master who played a significant role in the fate of the galaxy during the waning days of the Multiverse. He was the mentor of multiversial heroes, training both in the ways of the Force. He had a long and tumultuous career that helped shape the fate of the entire Multiverse. In his youth, the loyal and dedicated Obi-Wan Kenobi possessed a dry sense of humor and sarcastic wit, yet he dealt with a lot of emotional anxiety. Yoda said that he sensed Qui-Gon Jinn's defiance in him,[10] but spoke very highly of him nonetheless.[23] Jinn himself reflected upon Obi-Wan's considerable knowledge and potential; he also considered his Padawan a lot wiser than him.[10] Despite having been apprenticed to the radical Qui-Gon Jinn, Kenobi was relatively orthodox in his views. Kenobi had a strong friendship with Earth Alliance citizen Susan Ivanova, who saved her life aboard an Arquitens-class light cruiser when the corridor was blown off by General Grievous. Over time, Kenobi lost some of his youthful audacity and assumed the role of a more cautious and conservative mentor to well known heroes of the Multiverse, who was in many ways his opposite in personality. Kenobi carefully measured his actions in any situation, garnering him the aforementioned nom de guerre. Kenobi was also known to be an accomplished storyteller. While hiding in the Jundland Wastes in his later years, he appeared as a kindly and eccentric old hermit (or, in Owen Lars' words, "That wizard is just a crazy old man") to those not familiar with the ways of the Jedi. In his final days, Kenobi retained his traits of patience and foresight as well as gaining some of the boldness reminiscent of his youth. They also ensure the coninuation of very good relations between their planetary empire and the foreign powers, including the Alliance of Nations, the Axis of Empires, and the Coalition of Independent States.

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