The Occult Wars was a series of conflicts that predominately occurred on Uti'lit Earth throughout most of its' history, however, these conflicts occurred in secret, and the documentation of these wars, when they occurred, and the results of them are a mystery. Nonetheless, since the discovery of the Uti'lit Universe in 2408 NE these string of wars have since spread, albeit sporadically, to other universes, forcing the Alliance into conflict with the various factions that deals with the occult found on Uti'lit Earth, like the Chaos Insurgency, Fifth Church, and the Church of the Broken God, to name a few. Later wars eventually became one of many strings of conflicts between the Alliance and the SCP Foundation, although the Foundation itself wouldn't be dissolved until some point during the Second Multiverse War, regardless, the later Occult Wars had done considerable damage to the organization and severely harm relations between the two groups, or rather much further damage to an already broken relationship.


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