Octavian Grant was one of the twelve original Grand Admirals appointed by the Pure Emperor two years before the Battle of Yavin. A Tapani lord of House Mecetti, Grant saw himself as superior to those who were not members of the nobility, and held a particular dislike for droids and other species. His Humanocentric beliefs stood firm after he joined the ranks of the Axis of Empires, and he proved himself to be an expert military strategist. Due to his military talents, he was appointed as one of the twelve Grand Admirals created by Palpatine, though he was one of the least popular Grand Admirals, and did not attempt to curry favor with the leaders.

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Grant put great emphasis on rank and nobility throughout his life, a trait which would lead to his bias against common citizens. He felt that, because he held higher status due to his species and his noble parentage, he had a right to extra privileges that those without such status should not be allowed to gain. When others managed to get into positions as high as his own, he was deeply unhappy. He was also loath to have an alien among the ranks of the Grand Admirals, such as Thrawn, though he never attempted to defy Palpatine.

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