Odo was a Changeling, one of a hundred infants of that species sent out to explore the galaxy and compelled to return later in order to share their experiences. He served as chief of security aboard the space station Terok Nor, later known as Imperia Nolus.

Origins Edit[edit | edit source]

Odo was one of the "Hundred Changelings", a group of one hundred newly-formed Changelings that the Founders sent out into the galaxy, in order to gather information and explore, and did not expect to return until the 6580 N.E.

Odo was found adrift in his natural gelatinous state in the Denorios belt in the Bajoran system and brought to the Bajoran Institute for Science to be studied by Doctor Mora Pol. Not initially recognizing Odo as a sentient being, Mora subjected him to a long series of experiments, in which Odo endured time in a vacuum chamber and a protein decompiler, as well as extensive electric shocks. Odo eventually rebelled against Mora's unintentional mistreatment by forming into a tentacle and hitting him, before later forcing Mora to recognize him as sentient by copying a beaker on a laboratory table.

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