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Old Gray in one of his forms around 1511 B.N.E.

"funny, I remember everything from my old life, and yet, I have forgotten my name... I guess when no one doesn't even bother asking for your name, you start to forget it..."

-Old Gray when asked about his original name

Old Gray, the original name long since forgotten, is likely the second oldest mort in the Multiverse (next to the Entities). He is an unknown, an enigma and given the fact that not many people know much about, if they know of him are minute in nature is the fact that he is the "Employer" of GMan, Dr. Ming, Robert, and Rosalind Lutece, Elizabeth, Booker DeWitt, and Zachary Comstock.

Everything about Old Gray, ranging from his abilities to his goals, are a complete mystery. What can be gleamed, largely from his proven and showed abilities and the outcomes of these goals, it appears that his ultimate goals largely involved the destruction of the Empire of the Combine Race and the eventually death of Emperor Yiloala Kutarukia. The manner in which he went about to ensure these two goals actually occur almost entirely involve a chain reaction of sorts of one minor event dominoed into much larger major events after the other, implying that the being have some kind of omniscience, omnipresence, and foresight that allows him to foresee events that's often centuries if not millennia from the point in which he or his varies 'employees' "budged" a particular event into a specific series of events that ultimately cumulate into a scenario he desires, whatever that may be. But these suggestions are entirely theory, as he and his 'employees' have done a number of things that often seem bizarre and questionable, some of which harmed Alliance war efforts just as much as it had Axis or Coalition. Yet, his actions do tend to lead to far greater harm to the Axis then it does the Alliance, so, to an extent, the Alliance regards him as some kind of aloof ally, but still keep him within arms reach as it were.


Personality and skills[]

Individuals aware of Old Gray[]


  • The G-Man
  • Dr. Ming
  • Robert Lutece
  • Rosalind Lutece
  • Elizabeth
  • Booker DeWitt
  • Zachary Comstock