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The Omega class destroyer was an Earth Alliance warship, manufactured by Rocketdyne at the Neue Hanse Orbital Shipyard in Earth orbit. Following the First War, it became the most powerful and ubiquitous capital ship of the Earthforce fleet and one of the strongest ships ever built of the younger races, rivalling the Star Destroyers and the MC80 series cruisers in the Viau universe. A continuation of many of the design elements from the Nova-class dreadnought, the Omega possessed a large rotating section, allowing the crew to operate in gravity, eliminating the constant need for handholds and straps that often hindered the older zero gravity warships. Ships of the Omega class were equipped with a DX-419 tracking system, supposedly an improvement over the standard XB7 units used during the war, though several officers have noted that they never worked right. It was later redesigned by the time of the Second War started