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The Osean Federation was nationstate on a planet called Strangereal (or Liuo'opui Earth) the largest in the continent of Osea and one of the main superpowers of the world.

Osea is a highly developed country that possesses a large population, an extensive infrastructure, a thriving economy, and a well-outfitted military force. Osea is also considered one of the world's foremost leaders in aeronautics and space exploration development. The country's achievements include the construction of the Strategic Orbital Linear Gun, the Arkbird (a joint program with Yuktobania), and the Arsenal Birds.

It was one of the Major forces for the Allies and a member of the Independent States Allied Forces, it commonly fought Yuktobania, the Empire of the Combine Race, The Dominion of Cassus and the Kingdom of Khador during the war.


First Liuo'opui Civil War (Belkan War)[]

Third Liuo'opui Civil War (Circum-Pacific War)[]

Fifth Liuo'opui Civil War (Lighthouse War)[]

First Multiverse War[]

Interwar Period[]

Second Multiverse War[]

Unity Era[]

Joining the Multiversal Federation[]


Political structure[]

One of the largest nations of the Osean continent, the Osean Federation is a democratic federal state governed by a popularly elected president who assumes their position for a four-year term, following the political system of the United States. The workplace of the president is Bright Hill, built on the capital of Oured. The country is formed by six administrative regions - Burton, Glennon, Stockham, Lindsey, Rinehart and Eversole, the last of which serves as the capital district of the country. The government of the country, similar to the US, includes roles such as Foreign Minister and Vice-President. Ministries include the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Defense.

Similar to Yuktobania, the territory of the country spans a large portion of west Osea and both hemispheres, and is the largest country in the world. Law enforcement is carried out by local police departments in each city, above which stand the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency under the federal government. A major body responsible for space development is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which carried out the Liberty Seven Project after 1995.

Armed forces[]

The armed forces of Osea, commonly known as the Osean Army, are formed by the Air Force, the Navy and the Army, the second of which contains its own Marine Corps. The main branches of the military deviate from traditional standards by adopting a "Defense Force" title, employed after the 1996 treaty with Yuktobania and retained into the 21st century. However, such name is often ignored in most situations, as each branch is regularly referred to by their original name by other nations, the media and the public.[5]