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A group of Ougeme rebels.

The Ougeme, also called Space Chimps or Ookies by foreigners, are a primitive race of intelligent primates with bodies similar to that of a chimpanzees, but with far more superior intelligence. The Ougeme are native to the jungle planet Orboluu and were once a free people under a primitive, but efficient civilization known as the Ougeme Cheifdom, founded by Orkojo'Jok the Great, they were enslaved by the totalitarian regime of the Semerian Commonwealth. A widely telepathic race, they can communicate to one another through the powers of their supersonic minds and use them in order to surround their enemies by surprise. The Sons of Kah'haro remain a present threat towards the oppressive colonial government of the Semerians and are highly supported by the Alliance of Nations whom the Ougeme rely on for their liberation from the Semerian tyrants. Some Ougeme may have served as volunteers during the First Multiverse War.


Culture and Society[]