Overwatch Elite

The Overwatch Elite (nicknamed by Allied Soldiers as "Cyclops") is a specialized, higher-ranking Overwatch Soldier. Sporting a distinctive white uniform and helmet with a single red ocular lens, the Elite is one of the deadliest units of the Combine's Army. Overwatch Elites are equipped with improved body armor, made apparent by the larger neck guard and the increased protection it offers. Their helmets are also drastically different from those of regular soldiers, which possibly improves senses, indicated by the two miniature domes located where the ears of the soldier would be. Given its helmet, the Elite may have only one eye left, changed with surgery, making it an artificial cyclops, or they still have two eyes, since some types of real-world night vision/thermal goggles have one lens at the end. Although not as common as regular soldiers, Overwatch Elites just as often defect to either the Alliance or Coalition, with some joining other independent factions, though a few simply went AWOL and became independent individuals.

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