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Overwatch Soldiers (or known as the Combine Soldier by the Allies), are the basic transhuman (later Transrace) infantry units of the Combine Overwatch, composing the backbone of the Combine's military. In contrast to Civil Protection, whose duties are to enforce order within suppressed population centres, soldiers of the Overwatch are tasked with more hazardous actions requiring skill and tact: from patrolling the treacherous borders of Combine-controlled territory to raiding Resistance-held strongholds. As military personnel as opposed to law enforcement, Overwatch Soldiers are given access to military-grade equipment and tactical combat training, making them more formidable opponents than Civil Protection Officers. Overwatch Solders are noted (at least for First Generations that is) to defect to either the Alliance or Coalition, with some joining other independent factions, though a few simply went AWOL and became independent individuals.

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