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The PKP Pecheneg (Russian: ПКП Печенег) is a modernized version of the PKM machine gun designed by TsNIITochMash to be more accurate with the use of a non-interchangeable air-cooled barrel while firing the same 7.62x54mm round of the PKM.

Named after a tribe of Altaic nomads who previously inhabited the steppes, as well as Moldavia and Wallachia, the Pecheneg is capable of mounting telescopic sights to further improve its accuracy over range. Unlike the PKM, the weapon's barrel is not detachable but can still use the same box magazines that can hold 100, 200, or even 250 rounds of ammunition.

The weapon also retains the same tripod mounting mechanism as the PKM, but is more suited in the light machine gun role. It replaces the PKM once used by the Axis of Empires, though B1 Battle Droids of the CIS/Trade Federation didn't found it as a weapon to be used by them or anyone at that matter at any case they call it "a bit too heavy for our taste"

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