Far Cry 4 Pagan Min

Pagan Min is one of many officers in the Coalition of Independent States,the Imperialist Alliance and later the Nationalist Alliance. Min serves as an oppressive leader over the left far side of the Zol Galaxy. Pagan Min is known for his flamboyant dress, eccentric violence, and generally unconcerned approach even to highly climactic events. His attitude towards Ajay Ghale, despite Ajay working with the Golden Path and making an attempt on his life, is strangely ambivalent. Pagan himself claims that he wants to change universe and bring the army into a glorious future in the ashes of the old society. Pagan's rule is very much characteristic of a ruthless dictator, reminiscent of the totalitarian personality cults surrounding historical communist dictators such as Mao Zedong, Kim Il-Sung, and Joseph Stalin. He controls all media in Kyrat, which he floods with propaganda for his rule and regime. He was the commander of King Min, a modified Praetor Mark II-class battlecruiser

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