"I've seen soldiers come and go. Some were brave. Some were honest. But i've never called any of them a friend."

-Paladin Danse towards the Fullers in 1475

Paladin Danse is a Brotherhood of Steel soldier (resistance soldier technically) living in The Commonwealth in 1475. Before he joined the Brotherhood of Steel, Danse was an orphan growing up in the Capital Wasteland. As a child was forced to make a dangerous living by scavenging the D.C. ruins. When he was older and had saved up some caps, Danse opened his own junk stand in Rivet City. It was around that time he befriended a man named Cutler, and together the two scraped by as traders. He become one of the Fullers many companions during their journeys across the Multiverse.

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  • Marian Hawke
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