When the turians were introduced to the galactic community, an asari diplomat poetically described their homeworld, Palaven, as “a silver world of fortresses and fire.” Because Palaven's weak magnetic field is a poor shield from its sun, most of the planet's animal life developed metallic carapaces as defenses against solar radiation. Its photosynthetic life is similarly impressive, shutting down vulnerable metabolic processes during daylight hours and repairing cellular damage at night.

during the First Multiverse War, Palaven in the Riz'ro was one of four (the others being Earth, Tuchanka and Rannoch) planets that the Citadel Alliance retreated to during the intentional Combine Invasion, after fighting bitterly for control over the planet, the Citadel Alliance calmed victory but at a heavy cost, with billions dead and most of Palaven reduced to ruins.

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