Pandora, also known as The Savage World, is the homeworld of the primtive, blue-skinned alien race called the Nav'vi, located within Alpha Centauri. It should not be confused with the one from Ruyti. During the First War, the United Systems of Earth, the Divided Soviet Union and the Greater German Empire competed each other over the control of the planet's resources during the Pandoran Resource Wars, until the Nav'vi tribes drove them out, forcing the two powers to abandon the planet and compete elsewhere within Alpha Centauri. By the end of the conflict. Columbia announced an official apology and is now offering support for the now devastated Nav'vi tribes in order to fix the planet's wounds, as part of the "Whiteman's Burden". Some tribes of Nav'vi were officially Christianized, but choose to remain only on their world alone, as they usually feel more comfortable in remaining in a primitive lifestyle and do not desire to become a space-faring race. Due to the lack of civilization and literacy, the planet's people do not get involved into politics and thus remain apolitical and neutral by nature, although they appreciate support from the Alliance of Nations.

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