Pau'ans (Second Human Empire: ?) were gaunt near-Humans native to the planet Utapau. Also known as Utapauns and Ancients due to their long lifespans, they co-existed on Utapau with the Utai. The two species got along well, with the lanky Pau'ans assuming leadership roles on the planet. Though some viewed the Pau'ans as frightening, they were friendly, and were more than happy to welcome visitors to their little-known world. Due to Utapau's remoteness in the Outer Rim Territories, the Pau'ans were isolated for most of their history. However, they played a part in multiversal events in 19 BBY, when the Confederacy of Independent Systems conquered Utapau, thus joining the Axis. The Pau'ans opposed the Axis with the aid of the Allies, after Imperials took control of their planet following the Declaration of a New Order.

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