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The Peaceful Love was an EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate in service to the 225th Fleet under the command of Josephine Montilyet. Originally a standard Nebulon-B frigate, it was heavily modified to serve as the 225th fleet's primary medical frigate during the First War. The ship was fitted with the most advanced medical equipment available, including bacta tanks, operating theaters capable of treating multiple species, and a full complement of medical droids. The Peaceful Love could treat up to 745 patients simultaneously and 98% made a full recovery, with most returning to duty within days. These changes came at the expense of its defensive capabilities, with several of the vessel's weapons removed, along with its starfighter complement. It is one of Medical Frigates in the war. It was destroyed in the Second Aftermath by the hands of the Imperialist remnants

Her successor was the Ti-Ho, which was an Excelsior-class re-named to the Peaceful Love's name in honor of the fallen vessel.

Description Edit

The Peaceful Love was originally a standard Kuat Drive Yards EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate. Like all ships of its class, the Peaceful Love was 300 meters in length and comprised a main section connected to a smaller propulsion module by a slender neck.[1] Though originally designed to escort convoys, the vessel later underwent a number of modifications to allow it to serve as a dedicated battle hospital ship.[3]

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