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The Peacekeepers, also known by their official title, the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Peacekeepers, is a non-profit, military-like organization founded by General Alexi Scott and Dr. Lincoln Garcia. Created to keep the peace in the multiverse by any means necessary, through assassination of violent dictators to coups of entire regimes. Because of the often brutal nature of the group, it had come under fire by various individuals and groups across the Multiverse, with some even describing them as a quasi-intelligence branch of the Alliance, which the Peacekeepers vehemently deny. Still, regardless of the often drastic actions of the organization, it had managed to keep the peace relatively for decades before the start of the Chaos Wars in 2457. From there, the organization would continue on, albeit as a combination of a relief force and humanitarian organization, which it continues to serve as for centuries to come.

The organizations has had numerous well known individuals from across the Multiverse among its' ranks. But over the centuries more then half of them would leave the group after disagreements involving the methods used by the group, with some believing them not enough while most finding them to drastic. Nonetheless, the group continues to hold a number of heroes as its' members which had led to it being nicknamed the Heroic Peacekeepers as a result. Most of them were killed during the Peacekeepers Massacre in 4004 with only a handful of Peacekeepers surviving the slaughter, among them were the founders, Alexi Scott and Lincoln Garcia. But over the centuries after this horrific event, the Peacekeepers were once again rebuilt, albeit smaller than it once was.

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First Aftermath[]

Second Multiverse War[]

Second Aftermath[]

Infection War[]

Unity Era[]


Third Multiverse War[]

Third Aftermath[]





Members of the Peacekeepers[]


  • General Alexi Scott
  • Dr. Lincoln Garcia

Initial Members[]

Members by the time of the Peacekeepers Massacre[]

Post-Peacekeepers Massacre[]

Former Members (and the reason they left)[]


  • Pax Station