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Peghqu Heavy Destroyer.jpg

The Peghqu' Star Destroyer or Klingon Star Destroyer is a Star Destroyer. It is similar to a Raptor, but it is much more versatile.

The Corps of Engineers are not the only elite group working on new starships. An engineering team at the Empire Shipyards have designed a heavy ship with increased maneuverability that is nimble enough to outmaneuver a cruiser but with a firepower that of the Imperial Star Destroyer. Only experienced ship commanders with the backing of the High Council will have the chance to fly this ship.

Though technically classified as a Heavy Destroyer, the Peghqu' physically resembles an advanced Raptor-class vessel, bearing many similarities to the Puyjaq Raptor, with rounded, curved surfaces and ribbed plating shielding the warp nacelles. Unlike the Puyjaq, the Peghqu' has slightly downward-swept and more heavily reinforced wings. The vessel's "head" section is rounded into a bullet shape, with protruding cannon mounts on either side.