The SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 was a yacht starship, similar to a transport, only more suited to travellers rather than cargo, and far more luxurious. Lady Luck is one known example of this type

Characteristics Edit

The Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 was 50 meters long, with a pair of engine pods that extended from the main hull. Each pod housed a sublight engine and a hyperdrive engine. It also had an observational level with an exterior deck near the aft of the ship, while the interior compartment had a small jet-stream meditation pool and several conform-couches. The main deck offered a dining area, a large private suite, and five visitor cabins, as well as the escape pods, the bridge and the main control systems. In addition, the viewports on the side of the ship were retractable. Above the bridge was a docking coupling. It also housed a retractable laser cannon on the ventral side of the ship in the event of emergencies. It sometimes also utilized ion engines. The power couplings and sensor arrays were at the front of the ship, and in some cases jutted out.

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