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A United Systems AH-64 Apache leveling MNLF bunkers in the Philippine Rebellion

Philippine Uprising, also known as the Philippine Revolt, was a conflict that happened in the Earth State of the Philippines that occurred from 2403 to 2411. the conflict itself was considered of a bloodbath in that the two factions that fought for Philippine Independence also fought each other over political ideologies, which, in the long run, caused the Philippines to become Pro-Union because of the brutal infighting between the two Philippine Factions. The two factions fought for two vastly different ideals, the Moro National Liberation Front and Holy Army of Agustin was a Communist based organization

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Antiaircraf combat by badillafloyd-d4vmcn7

AA Guns protecting Manilla from the Holy Army Air Raids

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Old Galactic Republic Edit

Moro National Liberation Front Edit

Holy Army of Agustin Edit

  • Richard Juan
  • Mikee Agustin
  • Jessica Marasigan
  • Roger Lutero
  • James Linao
  • Dawn Chang
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