Piper Wright

Piper Wright is a news reporter in the Alliance News Network and is one of the few people who are not working with the Fullers. She runs her own newspaper called "Publick Occurrences", and has a younger sister named Nat. During Venom Snake's Insurrection, Piper was killed by Venom Snake in the Fialer Crisis as he revealed an tape which a secret recording of Piper and Kazuhira Miller to defect the Diamond Dogs and joined the United Civilizations

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Piper grew up in a small community outside of the Commonwealth, Fialer Earth with her sister, Nat and their father, who was a member of the local militia. After her father was found dead under suspicious circumstances Piper learned that he had discovered a raider plot to sack the town. His superior, Captain Mayburn, arranged to leave the main gate open and unguarded one night to allow raiders access in exchange for a cut of the loot.

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