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 The Plains of Rebirth, also known as the Inbetween Realm, Heaven and Hell (depending on who you ask) is the realm that's inbetween the Universes and the location where morts are reborn, thus the reason for the name, It's divided into four areas, the Realm of Dreams, the Realm of Nightmares, the Realm of Memories and the Realm of Insanity. However, there are other areas in the Plains of Rebirth that doesn't belong to the four Realms, and usually characterized as being similiar to other realms but not fitting for either, nor near them to be placed in either realm, or is the personal dominion of the Entities, which various depending upon what the entities are in question, with the Hunter's Realm being dark and nightmarish and the Planter's Realm being bright and dreamlike.


Realm of NightmaresEdit


an zone within the Realm of Nightmares

Realm of DreamsEdit

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an Zone within the Realm of Dreams

Realm of MemoriesEdit

Realm of InsanityEdit

Areas not associated with the Four Realms Edit

Entities Domains Edit

Individuals who live in the Plains of RebirthEdit

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