Planetary classification systems in Duyi'zu are different than one in other universes and were used by the Federation to categorize planets in this universe. Various factors were taken into consideration, including atmospheric composition, surface temperature, vegetation and size. The classification system used by the Federation used single-letter designations, for example class M to describe a planet able to support humanoid life for long periods, while the Vulcans used the term "Minshara class" to describe a similar planet.

Planetary classes[edit | edit source]

Class Description Examples
Class D Planetoid or moon; little to no atmosphere. Uninhabitable. Regula, Weytahn
Class H Generally uninhabitable. Tau Cygna V
Class J Gas giant Jupiter, Saturn
Class K Adaptable with pressure domes Mudd, Theta VIII, Mars (class K transjovian)
Class L Marginally habitable. No animal life. Only vegetation life. Indri VIII
Class M Terrestrial Earth, Vulcan, Cardassia Prime, Risa, Bajor
Class N Sulfuric Venus
Class T Gas giant
Class Y "Demon" Silver Blood planet
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