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The Praetor suit is a powered combat exoskeleton, a powerful suit of armor of mysterious origins which was entombed by the demons of Hell in solid rock in an attempt to keep him from obtaining it if he were ever again to awaken. The UAC found both him and his suit during a special expedition into Hell by Dr. Samuel Hayden and brought the two back to the UAC Mars Base as a contingency against the chance of a demonic invasion. In the multiversial conflict, the Praetor suit were reproduced and is used by special members of the Alliance of Nations as a part of the Praetor project with Athena and Samuel Hayden headed this project.

The Praetor suit is a formidable device. Aside from basic defensive characteristics which can be augmented through the use of armor, it includes basic life support functions and, with sufficient upgrades, can add increasing protection against certain types of damage such as self-inflicted splash back or damage from exploding barrels. They can be upgraded with the Delta V jump-boots to add a thruster-powered mid-air jump.

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