Apocalyptic thunder by markusvogt-d93umpm

An aerial view of Prasuda Polis

"Funny how far this city has fallen, once the Capital of the TransRace Empire, now a wartorn battlefield between numerous factions of the old Empire..."

-An Federal soldiers upon seeing the city

Prasuda Polis, the dark heart of the TransRace Empire, it was once a small city but was known for having societal ills. the city became the capital city of the TransRace Empire, after Peter Tsar orders the construction of the Empire's Imperial Palace and it's Parliament in the city itself. Following the death of Peter Tsar, the city became a warzone between Federalist forces and remaining TransRace Imperial forces, but eventually the Federalist forced them out of the city. But this was sort lived, within six months after this, the TransRace Imperialist forced the Federalist out of the city, but quickly turned on each other turning the city into a warzone that left it completely in ruins. the city has sense been abandoned by the TransRace and left it as a dark remainder of their dark history.

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