Belka, formerly the Belkan Federation and known as the Principality of Belka in modern times and later Belkan Reich after it's entry in the First War, is a country from central Osea. It is one of the centerpiece nations in the history of the Strangereal world, being bordered by the Osean Federation, Fato and Sapin. Once one of the largest countries in the Osean continent, Belka was famous for its nationalism and knightly traditions dating back to the medieval area, which became the basis for the modern culture of the state. In the 20th century, military parades and public speeches were a common occurrence. A national flower was also known to have existed, although the exact type is uncertain. As with other nations, English was the main spoken language of Belka, yet the existence of an indigenous Belkan language is also known. Belka joined the Axis of Empires and later the Imperialist Alliance.

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