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Full of nature and rich in Ragnite ore, the Principality of Gallia is a small independent nation which borders the Empire to the east and the Federation on its western edge in Vi'iikiye Earth. This small central Europan nation is a constitutional monarchy, ruled by House Randgriz, the hereditary sovereign of Gallia. The first ruling ancestor of the house, revered as the legendary hero of the ancient War of the Valkyrur, built a castle on the site of what is now the capital city Randgriz, establishing it as the seat of Gallian rule. Despite its size of only 38,567 sq. km and a population of just over 430,000, it boasts a rich and unique culture. The official currency is the Ducat (DCT). Internationally, Gallia is characterized by its policies of armed neutrality and universal conscription and is notable amongst smaller independent states for its success in declining to ally themselves to either of the warring superpowers that border it. As of current issues, Gallia is a member of the Alliance of Nations after the Axis Invaded the planet in the middle of the Second Europan War and had the Empire that was currently invading Gallia join its' ranks, forcing both Gallia and the Federation to join the Alliance in turn.

The resulting conflict would last for 40 years, ravaging much of the process but ultimately the conflict forced both the Axis and Empire off the planet completely, ending the First Vi'iikiye Earth War, but the Empire still held on, now in exile on numerous colony worlds they've established with the help of the Empire of the Combine Race. The First Multiverse War still raged on and in the centuries three more Vi'iikiye Earth Wars would erupt, all started by the Empire-in-exile attempting to regain control over their old territories and all attempts resulted in failure but not without ruining more portions of the planet in the process.

Near the end of the First War, the Combine-Chimeran Alliance launched a horrific assault against Alliance, Axis and Coalition held space and in turn caused the Axis to fall apart into civil war. Once that occurred, the Empire seemingly disappeared, still touched by the assault but not thrown into disarray by rival Axis factions invading and raging war against them. The Federation was torn to pieces by the assault, killing well over 35% of the population in the process but Gallia remained relatively unscathed, which owned to the nation being turned into a massive fortress by Allied Joint Military in the aftermath of the First Vi'iikiye Earth War. As a result, the Federation fell apart and the planet dissolved into a state of civil war once the Combines and Chimera left the planet. This conflict forced the Alliance to intervene and establish a unified government over the entire planet to both put an end to the bloodshed but also maintain control over the planet. This new unified government, while centralized, was a Federal entity where each of the former nations have full control over their internal affairs, allowing them to continue to exist, just with a new governmental entity above it, Gallia, fell into this new role with seeming ease.

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