Flag of kepler prime

The Principality of Kepleria is the official government that ruled over the people of the colonized world of Kepler Prime within the Inner Regions. Once a colony of the Galactic Empire, it declared itself independent and established neutrality while forging friendly relations with foreign powers such as the Alliance of Nations, the Axis of Empires, the Coalition of Independent States and the Corporate Sector Authority. Although the only threat in this was the Zann Consortium. Its capitali city is Kepler City.


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Alequa Telledie, the youngest Secretary of State ever elected.

Kepleria is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary building that ensures a democratic form of government system for its people. Most of the success of the planet can be often due to the work of fiscal conservatives, who remain true to the three century old tradition of free-market capitalism. It is supportive towards the New Republic. It usually promotes the preservation of its traditions while continuing the advancement of technology and science combined. While primarily conservative, it does have some room for liberals to have their say in society. However, it is also known to be extremely xenophobic towards the "light-skins", as they call themselves the "true human race" or "original humans" while celebrating their African culture. Nevertheless, they remain friendly towards the New Republic, as they see them as a possible exception.


The environment of Kepler Prime is an Alderaaan-like atmosphere with vast oceans containing underwater life and numerous collections of islands. Its natural beauty rival that of pre-destroyed Alderaan with far more detailed and efficient use of artistic media. Some of the islands are actually artificial and serve as hotels and towns in order to expand the planet's living space.

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