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George T. Kirk, a corrupted clone version of Guyi'zu's James T. Kirk, part of the project

"I'm starting to hate this project.. Too many failures, too many, erh, 'accidents' and... Far, far too many nightmares"

- Dr. Morgan Allens

Project Corrupted Heroes was a project created and funded by the TransRace Empire's Imperial Laboratories 274 and was ordered by High Lord Aeon Thanatos. It was a series of cloning experiments that was originally planned to created clones of highly influential and powerful individuals (namely heroes, thus the name) that's loyal to the Empire. It ended when the Federation attacked and conquered Viau Kamino, the headquarters and main research facility for the Project, in 4547.


List of Researchers[]

List of Facilities[]

  • Viau Kamino

List of Test Subjects[]

"There's only a handful of successful test subjects, most are failures, *sign*, most of the time, the clones are unable to process the memories that we have implanted, and, well, goes insane or goes into a comatose state, or rather, near it, they either just, stare at the wall for hours on end, or start talking nonsense, or start wiping out their own skin off and proceed to write cryptic messages or draw morbid murals in their own blood, that, is the normal Joes and Janes, the force sensitives... That's a whole new definition of nightmares"

- From Dr. Morgan Allens' Journel

An Corrupted James T. Kirk codename: Secetus

  • Darth Shian (Marian Hawke)
  • Darth Krist (Luke Skywalker)
  • Secetus (Duyi'zu James T. Kirk)
  • George T. Kirk (Guyi'zu James T. Kirk)
  • Grand Queen Orisis (Natasi Daala)
  • Shinzon Beta (Jean-Luc Picard/Shinzon hybrid)
  • High Queen Bastet (Allison Jakes)
  • High Lord Apophis (Galen Marek)
  • Corrupted Tracer (Lena Oxton)
  • Death Queen (Mara Jade)
  • Subject YS 25 (Spock)
  • Subject XV 70 (Aeryn Sun)
  • Subject RV 99 (Kathryn Janeway)
  • Death Lord Asp (Elara)
  • Kera (Sera)
  • Astotes (Rinoa Heartilly)
  • Sergei Chekov (Guyi'zu Pavel Chekov)
  • Prototype Girl No .1 (Rorolina Frixell)
  • Huntress Sianji (Kara Thrace)
  • Carlson Riker (William T. Riker)
  • High Lord Xenos (BJ Blazkowicz)
  • Subject MI 41 (Satya Vaswani)
  • Subject VB (Carlist Rieekan)
  • High Lord Tou Thanátou Doúlos (Rahm Kento Marek)