Nazi zombies by espeng-d32dmij

a Group of Project Resurrection Soldiers on Sur'kesh within the Kiz'ro Universe

Project: Resurrection was the name of a Greater German Empire project that was a German only project, the project started out as a way to create cannonfodder undead soldiers via Element 115 to be used by the GGE, however, when the Day the Multiverse Burned occurred, the project was effectively cancelled, but, the scientist and soldiers who were apart of it were never found. They reveled themselves to the Multiverse as a German Nazi Remnant group that was involved in the War for the Kiz'ro Milky Way as a major faction and as a group of undead soldiers.

Leaders Edit

Bases of operations Edit

Types Edit

Name of Class Image Weapons (if any) Basic info
Stumme Tod none (Claws)
Untote Soldat MG-60
Wunder Soldat E-11 Blaster Rifle
Hölle Atem MP70
Tod Augen MzG60
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