"Test number 6 was another failure... the suit malfunctioned and turn itself off, but it is a improvement over the last test, meaning that the test subject can walk away from it... alive... it's an unfortunate setback for the project, but, we must continue on..."

-Dr. Asijjikli's journal

Project Titan was an Imperial Research Group 975 that tried to created a powerful exoskeleton to be used by the Empire of the Combine Race during the First Multiverse War. the Project lasted from 1420 to 1435 when it fell out of favor and was effectively canceled. The project did however, create the Golem-class Mech.

History Edit

List of Research Facilities Edit

  • Research Base Alpha (under Mt. Fuji, Japan)
  • Research Base Beta (
  • Research Base Omega (
  • Research Base Delta (
  • Research Base Epsilon (
  • Research Base Vau (
  • Research Base Zeta (
  • Research Base Eta (
  • Research Base Theta (
  • Research Base Iota (

List of Researchers Edit

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