The Menoth Fleet Classifation or Classes are the ship types that's used by the Protectorate of Menoth in the Gi'ru Universe once it launched the starship company, Sectarius Fleet Yards.

Market Saturation-class cruiser[edit | edit source]

Market saturation class cruiser shaded by lineartbob-d7vg4n6.png

The Market Saturation class are the first major MDF capital ships commissioned post Gastins star, designed with the lessons of that conflict in mind. A true cruiser the Market Saturation is a long legged jack of all trades but with limited small craft space and bay size truly not a master of ground operations.

Direblade class frigate[edit | edit source]

Direblade class frigate quick shaded by lineartbob-d7vitjj.png

The Direblade class are the primary vessel of the Parashock corps, this is a dedicated multi role system and planetary assault frigate co produced with the Long Patrol.  

The class is notable for both its unconventional primary weapons load in the way of missiles normally only carried on battleships or dreadnoughts and its separation capable forward landing section.

Judgment-class Star Destroyer

Menothian Star Destroyer.png

The Judgement class Star Destroyer are the slated to rival any type of Star Destroyers that is used by Allies and Axis, originally pre gastins star not to be fully phased in for a further decade but after the Victrixs disastrous performance and its increasing support costs full Judgement production has been commenced with the Victrix class being relegated to rear area patrol and training platform operations as they are sequentially mothballed or scrapped.

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