Prowler1000 negtd

The Prowler 1000 exploration droid, also known as the Prowler 1000 seeker droid, Arakyd seeker droid, or simply the Prowler 1000, was a compact probe droid deployed during the war. Created by Arakyd Industries, the small, repulsor-driven seeker droid excelled in surveillance. Designed specifically for work in a military capacity, the Arakyd Prowler 1000 featured a frontal photoreceptor array equipped with various detection systems and scanners. A tasking antennae protruded from atop the drone's domed head, allowing clone commanders to send orders directly to their seeker groups. Two grappling extensors below the main body were used to return a body to the clones when proof was needed of a successful capture. Seekers were equipped with searchlights to track targets at night or in darkened environments.

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