The Purge of Twelve Families was a purge ordered by Emperor Yiloala of the House of the Kutarukias against the twelve other Kilominitic Imperial Dynasties following the Olkimanic Universal war's end. It was ordered by the Pure Emperor as a means to prevent the Parliament form voted him and his dynasty off the throne of the Kilominitic Empire, which is one of the few powers that Parliament still held, but once the other twelve dynasties were wiped out, the parilment had eventuality lost the power to voted the Emperor and his dynasty, but, however, the tweleve dynasties survived but were forced into hiding until the end of the First Multiverse War

History Edit

People involved Edit

The Kilominitic Empire (Kutarukia Dynasty) Edit

Twelve Dynasties Edit

  • Archduke Dizuuk
  • Archduke Zinkil
  • Archduchess Uillo
  • Archduchess Zooilik
  • Archduke Tizzier
  • Archduke Kuuiluula
  • Archduchess Mivvizik
  • Archduchess Koiivk
  • Archduke Tinooil
  • Archduke Zooilik
  • Archduchess Aiook
  • Archduchess Buuikiz
  • Prince Niluuk
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